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back in oct. of last year my gmc envoy shorted out underneath the dash in the center console,i ran in the garadge and grabbed a wrench and unhooked the battery terminal,smoke was rolling out from the front of the dash.But since thier was no actual fire thank,s to me,my insurance co.

denied the claim said it was a mechanical problem,so i called the GMC customer assist. number that's when i talked to,let's call her" Brenda"Customer Relationship Speicalist, so i was told she had to talk to the dealership where i had the vehicle towed too, after she did that i was told my Envoy's Warrenty had ran out 3years 36 thousand miles, but when i asked why this happened and the fuse didn't blow she couldn't tell me neither could the dealership so i got blowed off.

when i tried to contact brenda after she blew me off again she wouldn't return my call's when i left message's this wenton for week' needles to say i got stuck with the bill of 3,600.00. and as of today 1/28/12 no call from" Customer Relationship Speicalist" Brenda!

Review about: Gmc Repair.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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