I recently traded my 06 Canyon GMC for a 07 new Sierra GMC. The dealer, Lemay cad, pont, gmc of Kenosha, renegotiated on the verbal contract that I made with the salesman. Today I am out $2045.00 as the dealership didn't hold true with what what said at the time of purchase. I held my end of the deal up and they( Lemay ) of Kenosha decided not to keep there end of the deal. My sales person was Mickael B Wilkens, the internet salesperson. I received my truck on 11 21 07 .

At that time it was supposed to have a Fiberblass Cap, I showed the dealer which one that I wanted. It was also supposed to have electric windows, and a bed liner. The three things I negotiated with Mickael about before I signed the paper work for the truck. I was told it was a ok deal. I gave them my check for the $5600 bucks and a few days later mickael called me in and said that I would get a loaner free and call later that day. about 5:00 I went back to pick up my truck with every thing on that I was supposed to get in the deal, and guess what.? He drove my truck up to Mikes camper in Racine and they put on a Aluminum construction cap.

The bed liner was ok, but you outa see this piece of *** they wanted to pass off as a fiberglass cap. He explained to me it would be taken care of, I asked him where the power windows were, not installed. and he said please wait till after new year. I'm still waiting for a call to get them installed. I talked to the Sales manager, and he said and I quote. It seems that we can't make you happy. quote. The parts for the window should be in friday about 4 days after I picked up the truck, I'm still waiting for them to call and make me an appointment to install.. I went back to talk to them many times and nothing got done. the stalling tactact. So I took the truck up to Mikes camper and ordered a new fiberglass cap that I was supposed to get in the first place. On Jan10 I got my new fiberglass cap, beautiful. No electric windows yet. no call no money. Mike gave me back 300 bucks out of the 600 bucks that I paid when I signed the papers, I paid the 1045.00 for the cap out of my pocket cause I got no where with Lemay.

My name is Douglas J Straszewski 3325 27 th ave Kenosha, Wi. 53140 I am currently out $2045.00 dollars as I canceled my extended warranty on my trade in 06 Caynon gmc after I had the truck one and a half years. I paid 720.00 for it and never used it. The company that sells this through Lemay gave me back 320.00 out 400 bucks... didn't even use it. If you need any more info, my email add. is d_straszewski@yahoo.com

Thanks for your time.

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