Fruitport, Michigan
Not resolved

I purchased a 2007 CTS Cadillac from Betten Chevy in Muskegon MI 8 months ago and they have yet to keep their promises. I would like them to finish

fixing the scratches that were on the car when I bought it.

I had to bring the car back after the purchase to have scratches removed but it was too cold and have to bring it back. They (salesman and even the owner) refuse to answer my calls. I also need the key and remote (they gave me a wrong set)and the air bag in passenger side light is on. Once I left the showroom, they refuse to help me with anything!

The salesman even said that the car is good in the snow and I called him back the very next day and said I couldn't get up my hill. He knew that could be a problem from the beginning and lied about the capability. The CTS cadillac is worthless in snow. He lied and he knew the truth!

I am so discouraged with this company!

Lie after lie after lie! All promises with no results.

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